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Bully Bites Turkey Bacon Jerky

price: $10.99
FREE DELIVERY with $40.00 min order
Turkey Bacon Jerky! BACON! BACON! BACON! All natural, no salts or spices. Comes in 3oz packs just like you see here.

My pack loves them and I'm sure yours will to! Ingredients - Turkey Bacon, nothing more, nothing less...just all natural goodness! Perfect for those pups with grain allergies!! All Bully Bites treats are dairy free! Refrigerate upon receiving. Will keep in refrigerator for 3-4 weeks. Do not refreeze

"The absolute BEST customer service! Our dog LOVES this food and we know it is great for her. They really won us over and gained customers for life!"

- Jaqui R

"To be honest I really thought we'd only use this pet food the first 6 months to make the breeder happy...but what a pleasant surprise Nature's Select is. When you compare the cost of feeding raw pet food & the amount of prep time that goes into a homemade dog food, there is no comparison! My dogs are happy and so am I."

- Diane B.

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the high quality of food and quality customer service we’ve received over the years. I recommend this food to everyone I meet with furbabies."

- Donna L