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How to Dog-Proof Your Car For Your Next Road Trip Dog-Proofing Your Car 101

Need tips on dog-proofing your car for your summer road trip? We have you covered.

We love our pets, so much so that people who have pets often consider them part of the family. For this reason, families that travel typically do so with their pets. Let’s face it though…pets cause a lot of wear and tear on the interior of the car.

Whether they’re short-haired, long-haired, or even hypoallergenic, dogs tend to shed all over the place. Some dogs are particularly slobbery, and their saliva ends up on the windows and the seats. Large breeds can be rough on the upholstery, floors, and seats. Dogs that aren’t accustomed to riding in vehicles can become sick and vomit. These are all very good reasons that car owners invest in products to protect their vehicle and keep it in tip top shape. So if you’re heading out on an adventure soon, and you want to take your pet with you, make sure you’re prepared.

Seat Covers

Animals, especially dogs and cats, can wreak havoc on a vehicle seats. Cat claws will ruin leather, while dog hair will cling to cloth seats. Cloth seats get really dirty from oils and dirt from animal fur and become stained. A convenient way to prevent this and protect the vehicle’s original upholstery is to buy a seat cover designed especially for pets. These seat covers are made from durable material that protects the underlying seat.

Image Credit: RunnerClick

Car Floor Mats

One of the best ways to keep the floorboards of the car clean from muddy feet is by buying a good set of car floor mats.That way, when a muddy pet jumps into the floorboard of the car, it will land on the mat rather than the actual carpet underneath. Floorboard mats can easily be pulled out and sprayed clean in case your pet has an accident; or, they can be conveniently removed and vacuumed to remove dry messes like hair or dog treats. Not to mention, mats protect against rips in the carpet from claws and nails. Car floor mats make your car ready for easy cleanup, no matter what.

Image Credit: Wade Auto Floor Mats

A car is a significant investment that people tend to keep for years. Most people take pride in such an expensive investment and therefore would like to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Not to mention, the resale value of the vehicle will be much greater if it hasn’t been damaged by the family pet. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect the car from pet damage. In conclusion, when traveling with pets, it is important to invest in products that will keep a vehicle looking nice for years to come.

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to bring a bag of your pet’s favorite Nature’s Select pet food, treats, and a bottle of water. If your pet tends to get carsick, towels are a nice addition to keep your interior clean.