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No Dog Park in Your Area? Here Are Some Alternatives.

A healthy dog is a happy dog, and this means a happy owner. Besides a healthy diet, dog parks are popular way to keep your pet healthy by making them free to run and interact with other dogs. However, this option is not available everywhere, so what is a dog owner to do? Here are a few alternatives to choose from that ensure your dog is receiving the exercise it needs to stay happy and healthy.


Walking Trail

Obviously walking is going to be one of the best forms of exercise, but for those who crave just a little more to challenge your energetic pooch, walking or hiking trails can make all the difference. Uneven or rocky terrain means that your dog is getting more of a variety of exercise with intermittent periods of strenuous work and rest. Getting this kind of exercise with all the different sights and smells your dog can encounter ensures that they get both physical and mental stimulation.


Obstacle Course

For an owner who would like to have a more interactive role in their dog’s play, building your obstacle course is a fun way to customize your dog’s exercise. No one knows your dog better than you, and a project such as this can be as simple or grand as you like. Create your own obstacles with what you can find or build or purchase one of many obstacle course kits.


Other ‘Park’ Options

Photo courtesy of Lawn Butler

A fenced-in backyard can be a great way to help a dog exert some energy with free play and roaming. However, for those with more restricted properties, a vacant basketball court or tennis court could do just fine, barring any posted restrictions of course. A neighborhood court versus one owned by a school may have more lenient regulations. It’s the perfect place to let your dog run free and throw a ball. For obedient dogs, parks that feature soccer fields also offer the space an exuberant dog craves.



Oliver enjoying his TetherTug

A TetherTug is a device you can set up in your own backyard to provide hours of effortless fun for your energetic pup. Perfect for large or cramped yards, TetherTugs are strong, yet flexible, poles that spin on a secured base and encourage dogs of all sizes to run, jump, and do what they love best; play tug-of-war. Featuring a variety of toys to grab onto, they are built to withstand the constant force that even a large dog can produce.

So, no dog park? No problem! With these helpful hints, keeping your energetic pooch occupied and healthy is as easy as tossing a tennis ball, so let it fly!