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5 Ways a Security System Impacts Your Pet

Shopping For A Home Security System With Your Pet In Mind.

For today’s homeowners, home security is a must. You want to be sure that your home is protected from intruders and that if someone does attempt to break in, you receive warning that there’s about to be a problem. As you install your security system, however, it’s not just the members of your family you should keep in mind. You also need to consider your pet.

Daily Monitoring

You can get a better look at how your pet is doing during the day. Are you gone all day, leaving your pet at home alone? Do you have a pet sitter coming in to mind your pet while you’re on vacation? A home security system that includes interior cameras will allow you to monitor what’s going on with your pet when you aren’t there, which will make for better pet care.

Motion Sensors

Pets may control where you can install motion sensors. Typically, motion sensors react by causing an alarm when, for whatever reason, the pattern of the beam is disrupted. Some security systems can be configured to ignore pet movements, especially if you have a small pet. Others can directly be placed in a location where pets won’t be likely to trigger them, but intruders will.

Check Your Volume Settings

Do you have a home security system that goes off at a high volume? Make sure that it’s not at a volume that will be damaging to your pet’s sensitive ears. You should also pay attention to ongoing noises like regular beeps or a low buzz when the system is activated that can be irritating to pets.

Have a Response Plan That Includes Your Pets

Your home security plan should include how you’ll respond to a potential emergency–and it should take your pets into account. Even if you don’t have time to grab them on your way to a safe location, you need to consider things like soothing them after the system has gone off and preventing them from escaping if the security company needs to respond to an alarm.

Get Help Faster

Is your pet home alone when a pipe bursts or the house catches on fire? What if carbon monoxide levels are on the rise? Home security systems can get your pet help faster. An excellent home security system incorporates all of these elements so that in an emergency, you can get your pet out faster.

Home security is critical to any homeowner. As a pet owner, you want the best possible security system for your family and your pet: one that will keep everyone safe. By considering how your security system impacts your pet, you can make a better choice that will be more likely to help your pet, rather than irritating or frightening them.


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