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5 Natural Products to Clean Your Home Without Harming Your Pet

Clean Your Home With Pet Safe Natural Cleaners

All pet owners should worry about the types of cleaning supplies that they use in their homes. The majority of home cleaning products available in grocery and hardware stores contain corrosive and toxic ingredients that can hurt both humans and pets alike. Which natural cleaning solutions are safest for use around pets? The following five alternatives work best.


Vinegar and Water

Vinegar has natural acidic and cleansing properties. It also has a fresh scent. Use equal parts vinegar and water to safely clean windows, countertops, tubs and showers, sinks and floors. To deodorize garbage bins or a pet waste boxes, soak a sponge with this solution, place it in the container and then remove it and rinse everything after an hour.


Baking Soda

When you’re dealing with strong odors and stains, baking soda is a gentle cleaning option. Baking soda has mildly abrasive and odor-absorption properties. To create a bubbly liquid that deodorizes garbage disposals and clears drain pipe clogs and debris like soap scum and hair, pour equal parts baking soda and boiling vinegar down the drain, wait 15 minutes and then follow with hot water.


Volcanic Materials

Many pet owners have to come up with creative ideas for dealing with the toughest odors and stains. Place a bag of zeolite stones made from volcanic ash around your home to trap odors. To remove most stains on scratch-resistant surfaces, including crayon and coffee stains, rub the spot with wet pumice powder.


Coconut Oil

A lot of pet owners also struggle to find a safe solution for removing adhesive from various surfaces. Coconut oil, beyond being delicious, removes many types of glues. Just apply the oil to the sticky surface and then wait a day. Depending on the adhesive, the stain will either dissolve enough that you can wipe it away or lose its stickiness enough that you can pop it off the surface. Now that’s pet safe and clean!


Certain Essential Oils

Some essential oils are perfect for adding to your cleaning regimen. Some of the oils can enhance the purifying power of the solutions you’re using, and they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They also smell great, and you’re guaranteed to find a smell you like since there are so many options to choose from. To create a fragrant carpet powder or deodorizing sachet, for example, add a drop or two of a pet-safe essential oil to two cups of baking soda.

Please keep in mind that different pets don’t tolerate the same oils. Cinnamon and clove oils are usually safe to use around dogs but can be dangerous to cats. Always check with your veterinarian before using a particular oil and dilute the oil before cleaning.


With every one of these alternatives, it’s important to remember that you should still follow common sense cleaning practices. Powdery residues from baking soda and pumice, for example, can sometimes cause mild eye, respiratory and skin irritation. Thoroughly rinsing surfaces reduces the risk. Also, each of these natural products makes your home a much safer environment for everyone. Try one or more of them today.


P.S. – Does your pet have allergies? Keeping a clean environment will help!

For more allergy tips, check out our “Pet Allergies” blog article.