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Premium Pet Food versus Economy Brand Pet Food

Most people, if they’re honest, love to save a dollar. Who doesn’t? Many economy brands look as good as the higher priced premium pet food brands, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. 

In this article, I will show you how you can switch your pet to a premium, healthier food, for A LOT less than you think.

Let’s take a look at Beneful Original. This pretty bag shows lots of colors (vegetables, chunks of meat) and a happy pup on the front. So, let’s find out whats really in the bag. The ingredients (copied and pasted from the Beneful website) are below. Controversial ingredients are in RED.

Okay. Granted. That’s A LOT of red, but look at the vegetables and meat on the bag packaging. It’s got to be good for my pup, right?

This is where I encourage you to do your own research. There are two fantastic educational websites that I love to refer prospects and customers to: and

If you look up the review of Beneful on, you would see that the reviewer gives the pet food only 1 out of 5 stars for nutritional value. (Read the full review here.) gives Beneful his lowest rating of 1-star for nutritional quality.

For around $27 for a 31.1 lb bag, that comes to .87/pound for Beneful, with very little nutritional value.  So, if price is an issue, for around $13 for 17 pounds of Pedigree brand dog food, you would come in at $0.76/lb and save $2.20 on 20 pounds (compared to Beneful’s per pound price). Pedigree is also 1-star rated and has very little nutritional value for your dog.

For less than $5 a month (the price of two Starbucks coffees or one Little Caesar’s pizza), a pet parent can take their pet from a 1-star rated food with little-to-no nutritional value, up to a 4-star rated healthy pet food with Nature’s Select, all while enjoying the convenience of free home delivery.

Many pet parents find that the little extra they spend each month on quality food is negated by the decreased amount of vet office bills and reduction in prescription medicine costs (for prescriptions used to treat allergies, digestive upsets, and intolerances).

Being human, you can vary your diet daily. You can choose to eat poorly one day, and make up for it by eating healthy the next.

Your pet eats the SAME FOOD EVERY DAY. Shouldn’t it be a healthy one?


Want to see the math? Check out the chart below for comparisons. Pricing as of 7/22/2015. Cups fed based on a 60-lb adult dog.