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About Me

I guess the first thing I should do is introduce myself. That seems appropriate.

Hello. My name is Dee Ivins. I am a pet food addict.

I have personally taste-tested our foods, and even some of our treats!

Well, sort of. My “formal” (if you can call it that) title is Marketing Coordinator, though, for our small company, I have also been called everything from a Marketing Manager to a Kibble Expert and surely many things in between.

I have worked for Nature’s Select(TM) of the Carolinas for 5 years now. I can say, without reservation, I LOVE what I do.

I started as a weekend-warrior of sorts. Helping search out weekend events and setting up our tent and booth there. My goal was brand recognition, which I accomplished. I had a little background education into the natural pet food world from my tutledge as a a sales clerk at a natural pet food store, Pure Pets, in Brevard, NC, but I had a lot to learn.

I started with Nature’s Select(TM) right after another employee, Eleanor Moore, relocated to Florida. Eleanor is brilliant. A degree from Texas A&M in Animal Science with a special focus on nutrition, Eleanor was and is a wealth of information. I asked her where to go, and she told me. I asked her what to do, and she was kind enough to show the way. During those first critical years of establishing a knowledge base for credibility, Eleanor was my mentor. I deferred many customer nutrition questions to her on a sometimes weekly basis, as I read, and learned more about the pet food industry and how the Nature’s Select(TM) product compares.

Since then, I have obtained the wealth of my information from a collage of sources. From online web articles, to respected journals, to discussions with noted regional trainers, and wonderful collections of books, I have consumed 5 years worth of knowledge in the natural pet food realm. Kibble Expert? Perhaps. 

I continue to learn and study what I can about animal nutrition, specifically dog nutrition, and how ingredients and environment can affect a dog’s overall health. 

Journey with me as I learn. I’ll try to sort through all the hype and condense the good stuff for you right here. And PLEASE feel free to leave feedback. I am always open to learning and would love the opportunity to continue to learn. 


Dee and Avery Kibble Addicts